Are Internet Marketers and Online Business Owners Socializing Enough?

It’s puzzling why Internet marketers and even individuals who do online business put little emphasizing on social networking with their peers.

While engaging with your followers and customers are important, we must not forget that networking with fellow partners and forming strategic alliances can make our online marketing a greater success.

You probably are guilty of this if you didn’t do one of the following or have been avoiding:

  1. You don’t tweet, FB like or promote any content from your peers on social media networks
  2. All your Pinterest images or tweets are about your blog and products.
  3. You don’t follow any of your competitors because you don’t want to be part of their “count”. Not a very smart move IMHO, because you are out of the loop on their marketing strategies. And to win, you need to know the market inside out.
* this is not a complete list, but I believe you get the picture

This mistake also brings you unfavorable results since sharing only your content to the public bores your followers and readers. It makes them wonder are you objective in your sharing of information. If everything is about you and your products, you’ll get discounted by your astute readers sooner or later.


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