More spam on Pinterest lately?

Pinterest boards are really becoming full of spam. A quick search on ‘iPhone’ pins end up with so many duplicate images all created by a couple of spammers.

And there are a handful of pins with suspicious URLs leading to sales page, and nothing relevant to the images we see.

As an iPhone fan, I’m always looking for the best iPhone stuff on the Internet and Pinterest. Unfortunately the search results are so disappointing and takes me more time than what I’m willing to spend. Maybe it will be better if the pinboard king can come up with a algorithm to remove similar images. That will make the user experience do much better.

Btw I keep an iPhone board ‘iPhone paradize” and if you like what you see, do follow or please repin.



Skype actually works on iPhone

Heard much and often that Skype app doesn’t work well and the app always auto shutdown when we switch app or try to run it in the background.

I had the same problem… But it turns out that the app may be memory intensive. So we’ll have to close those background apps (those that we are not using) in order to keep the Skype app running.

It could be bad design on the software developers’ part, but that’s probably the only way I can get the app to run continuously. Is there any tips or work around you manage to discover? 🙂

50 iPhone Apps Under 1 Roof

The complete review on unseen apps for iPhone. Just use a QR code reader with your iPhone to read that code, it will bring you straight to the review. Search for the app if you haven’t install it. Heck, you may think “why the trouble with the QR code, why not just give me the url directly”…..Well, I wanted to try something different today. It’s boring reading and doing the same thing everyday right? Why not do the same thing differently for a change 🙂

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