The Rise of Pinterest and why you should Market on it

Pinterest popularity and growth is growing so fast that it had taken many critics by surprise. Some complained that the traffic from Pinterest were useless, and pointed out that women took up 80% of the user-base. However many were silenced when the Pinterest took the 3rd position for popular social networking sites.

Holding the top 2 positions are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is unshakeable with 7 billion visitors, Twitter 182million, and Pinterest at 104million.

With that huge amount of visitors, companies are re-evaluating the effectiveness of building their brand and profile on Pinterest. The social photo-sharing network represents a big opportunity. Not positioning or marketing the company infront of 104million users can be fatal mistake, especially when your competitors are doing it already. For more facts & figures, plus 15 Pinterest strategies you can implement for your marketing, read the post here.


Thirsty Affiliates Discount & Review

It’s Thirsty Affiliates anniversary, and coincidentally the creator Josh’s birthday. To celebrate the 2 happy occasions, Josh is offering an attractive 30% discount for his products. I’m very glad to receive the discount coupon code from Josh, and have written a review on the wordpress plugin on my blog Internet Marketing Stash ( Basically this is a software that allows you to beautify your affiliate links, manage all your links…and it does more that. For more details, check out the discount code here, and the review here. The promotion is only for a short time, so check out the review, evaluate it for yourself before the promo ends. All the best for your success!

Reviewing SEO Money Trainer

SEO Money Trainer, a crash course on SEO techniques and strategies had been launched by Robert in Mar-2012. The training costs touches on a range of topics ranging from implementing the correct SEO practices on your blog, finding and building quality backlinks, to using tools (both free and paid) to rank higher in search engines. Having gone through the courses, and had exclusive and early entry to Robert’s Module 3, I can tell you that this is one training courses you don’t want to miss. Read more about my review and the modules summaries here.

Doing the right things at the right time

Random thoughts for today:

Many times in life we get distracted easily. There is always the temptation to stop what we are doing now, and go out for fun.

But I notice a big danger that many people are prone too – and that’s focusing on the wrong thing. Say for example you are going to build a blog, the most essential part you should be focusing on is content, and not how to get traffic. At the initial stage, without a consistent “inflow” of content, even with traffic, you are not going to gain much from it. In fact it can even do more harm than good. Why do I say that? Well, imagine if I will to get to your and see that you have only a few pages of content, will I ever visit your site again? Chances are low. That’s why the first stage should be building content and work hard on it. With content, you are able to capture traffic, and have more returning visitors in the future.

Likewise, don’t focus too much on the statistics of your traffic. UNLESS you have thousands of visitors daily. Otherwise the data on your Google Analytics isn’t going to be sufficient for your to analyze anything meaningful.

This doesn’t apply to creating a blog online. I believe this is what we should apply in our lives too. Whenever we want to do something, we should always determine is it a necessary step, and are we doing the right thing at the right time now. Make sure that everything is systematic, and you’ll be more productive with the results coming in faster too.

Managing passwords the easy way with softwares

Unless you have an amazing memory to remember all your passwords on tens or hundreds of websites, then you’ll need a password manager to organize and remember all your passwords. If you are using one password for ALL your web logins, then it’s a good time for you to change that habit before your accounts are hack. Bigger risks include having your online banking accounts jeopardized. Besides managing your passwords, these applications are able to generate strong and secure passwords, and is actually a productivity tool since it auto-fills for you without the need for you to refer to your “password notebook” or excel spreadsheet containing 100 hundreds of passwords. Managing passwords is an essential task if you are using the Internet a lot. And in today’s context, having a secure and different password for different sites is very important. Because the last thing you want, is to have your private and confidential email account hacked, or your banking account compromised. Find out my shortlisted of 5 software to use to manage your passwords

Content Duplicated on Multiple Blogger Blogs

If you realized that suddenly you have duplicate content on other blogspot ccTLD, don’t worry, your content is not invaded by pirates who copy your content wholesale. This is actually a form of censorship implemented by Google, to fit into the requirements for respective local governments. What this means if your, may redirect to for Australians. And for webmasters, they are wondering is their search engine rankings going to affected because of this new policy. For the full story, read on here.

Censorship has been hotly debated recently, and this new measure to control content and information is not surprisingly. What I’m concerned is that this could be the first step to a more stringent and lead to more information/content increasingly being censored by the local government. Of course, savvy users could still use proxies, so that they could visit the original blog, and read the information instead of being redirected to their country specific domain.

50 iPhone Apps Under 1 Roof

The complete review on unseen apps for iPhone. Just use a QR code reader with your iPhone to read that code, it will bring you straight to the review. Search for the app if you haven’t install it. Heck, you may think “why the trouble with the QR code, why not just give me the url directly”…..Well, I wanted to try something different today. It’s boring reading and doing the same thing everyday right? Why not do the same thing differently for a change 🙂

Are you using Email Marketing for your Business?

Although there have been lots of hype on social media advertising and networking, do not forget about using email to update your clients or readers on what you have been doing, your products updates, or investment news if you are a trader, or generally your company performance or directions for the year 2012. Email marketing should still be a core part of your sales cycle.

Social networks may be a big thing, but it’s usually the place for people to hang out, and sometimes for no reason, just because they are bored or need some attention, I know it sounds crazy, but figures and surveys have shown that many hours are lost in work time because employees just hang around on social sites and not doing there work. Ok, back to the email marketing topic. Bear in mind, that not all users or your customers are jumping into the Facebook or twitter wagon, some of them may never use it at all. If it’s business related, I will always stick to using email to correspond with my clients. But probably once in a while, I will connect with the readers or public with Facebook or Twitter about products and general information; just to know that I not just trying to sell them stuff with every email or Facebook message.

Also, there’s a thin line when you are using Facebook to do business with your customers. Sometimes it may get too personal, that problems caused by your company products may get related with you, and whenever they see you online, they will think of the spoilt washing machine, TV, or gadgets (even if they got it cheaper from you), and in the customer’s mind, he will be mentally drawing a line connecting you together with the damaged product. No very good and healthy isn’t it?

For business who takes their email campaigns seriously, they should look for good service providers like GetResponse and Aweber – the 2 giants within the industry providing good marketing services and provides. What the email marketing software does is that it provides a range of additional power and capability for your email campaigns. It can range from auto-responders, allowing you to follow-up automatically with the user once he opt-in to your list, and tracking the statistics on how your campaign have perform. It’s a one-stop-solution allowing you to manage your database of subscribers too. I have written a guide on the 14 pros and cons of email marketing, as well as a review of Aweber vs GetResponse, and check out the free trial that GetResponse is providing. For Aweber, just pay $1 for 1 month trial. You’ll be surprise what this 2 email marketing companies can do for your profits and business.

Evernote vs Springpad

Productivity is one of the most important thing that everyone need to master in order to save time and be effective, and become successful. Evernote and Springpad are software products that allow us to keep notes, uploads files and connect everything together. You can write a note, and attach photos, audios and files all into one note. This is advantage over file sharing or syncing products like Dropbox or SugarSync. Today I wrote a review on Evernote vs Springpad that you should consider when choosing your favour note taking application.

I bet most of the people are focusing on the wrong thing

Took me 10s to find out what’s the pic about lol.

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