What’s your influence on the internet?

Recently, I have been playing a lot with my brand new Twitter and Google+ account. I wanted to test the impact social media networking has on bringing traffic to blogs, and the results are encouraging. Besides using Google Analytics to measure traffic, I’m also using Klout to measure the level of influence I have on my network. Out of 100, I got a score of 30 …. which is actually not bad, considering the average score at 20 (based on klout stats). 

On the surface, there isn’t any SEO benefits for having a klout account … but I can relate it to Page Rank. PR measures the importance of a page, while Klout measure the impact have on the internet and your connected networks. While it doesn’t spell the end of the world if you have a low score, I think it helps to know where we stand, and how we can improve our score. Klout measures our influence based on 4 factors: 

90 Day activity – your activities on major social networks such as Twitter, Facebook & Google+. It counts  how many RTs, mentions, +1, likes, comments you received

Your true reach – True Reach is the number of people you influence, both within your immediate network and across their extended networks.

Your amplification – Amplification indicates how much you influence people.

Your network – Network Impact measures the influence of your network.

When setting up your klout account, you can choose which 3 topics you want to be influential about. For me, I chose Social Media, Blogging & Internet Marketing. We can get free +Ks daily to acknowledge those who influences us. In a way, giving +K adds to the influence of the person. I don’t mind giving free Ks to anyone who wants it. But please do not leave your details in the comment box in case your profile gets abused by spammers/scammers, instead send me your Klout profile url via tweetFB message, or via Google+

In Klout, there are 16 terms/levels used to measured your influence. Below is the list, not in any particular rank or order. You are categorized based on the level of involvment in Participation, Sharing, Creating, Broad, Focused, Consistent, Casual, Listening (re: the grid picture below)

  1. Observer
  2. Explorer
  3. Activist
  4. Specialist
  5. Dabbler
  6. Conversationalist
  7. Socializer
  8. Networker
  9. Syndicator
  10. Feeder
  11. Thought Leader
  12. Pundit
  13. Curator
  14. Broadcaster
  15. Taste Maker
  16. Celebrity



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