The Rise of Pinterest and why you should Market on it

Pinterest popularity and growth is growing so fast that it had taken many critics by surprise. Some complained that the traffic from Pinterest were useless, and pointed out that women took up 80% of the user-base. However many were silenced when the Pinterest took the 3rd position for popular social networking sites.

Holding the top 2 positions are Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is unshakeable with 7 billion visitors, Twitter 182million, and Pinterest at 104million.

With that huge amount of visitors, companies are re-evaluating the effectiveness of building their brand and profile on Pinterest. The social photo-sharing network represents a big opportunity. Not positioning or marketing the company infront of 104million users can be fatal mistake, especially when your competitors are doing it already. For more facts & figures, plus 15 Pinterest strategies you can implement for your marketing, read the post here.


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