Doing the right things at the right time

Random thoughts for today:

Many times in life we get distracted easily. There is always the temptation to stop what we are doing now, and go out for fun.

But I notice a big danger that many people are prone too – and that’s focusing on the wrong thing. Say for example you are going to build a blog, the most essential part you should be focusing on is content, and not how to get traffic. At the initial stage, without a consistent “inflow” of content, even with traffic, you are not going to gain much from it. In fact it can even do more harm than good. Why do I say that? Well, imagine if I will to get to your and see that you have only a few pages of content, will I ever visit your site again? Chances are low. That’s why the first stage should be building content and work hard on it. With content, you are able to capture traffic, and have more returning visitors in the future.

Likewise, don’t focus too much on the statistics of your traffic. UNLESS you have thousands of visitors daily. Otherwise the data on your Google Analytics isn’t going to be sufficient for your to analyze anything meaningful.

This doesn’t apply to creating a blog online. I believe this is what we should apply in our lives too. Whenever we want to do something, we should always determine is it a necessary step, and are we doing the right thing at the right time now. Make sure that everything is systematic, and you’ll be more productive with the results coming in faster too.


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