Managing passwords the easy way with softwares

Unless you have an amazing memory to remember all your passwords on tens or hundreds of websites, then you’ll need a password manager to organize and remember all your passwords. If you are using one password for ALL your web logins, then it’s a good time for you to change that habit before your accounts are hack. Bigger risks include having your online banking accounts jeopardized. Besides managing your passwords, these applications are able to generate strong and secure passwords, and is actually a productivity tool since it auto-fills for you without the need for you to refer to your “password notebook” or excel spreadsheet containing 100 hundreds of passwords. Managing passwords is an essential task if you are using the Internet a lot. And in today’s context, having a secure and different password for different sites is very important. Because the last thing you want, is to have your private and confidential email account hacked, or your banking account compromised. Find out my shortlisted of 5 software to use to manage your passwords


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