Content Duplicated on Multiple Blogger Blogs

If you realized that suddenly you have duplicate content on other blogspot ccTLD, don’t worry, your content is not invaded by pirates who copy your content wholesale. This is actually a form of censorship implemented by Google, to fit into the requirements for respective local governments. What this means if your, may redirect to for Australians. And for webmasters, they are wondering is their search engine rankings going to affected because of this new policy. For the full story, read on here.

Censorship has been hotly debated recently, and this new measure to control content and information is not surprisingly. What I’m concerned is that this could be the first step to a more stringent and lead to more information/content increasingly being censored by the local government. Of course, savvy users could still use proxies, so that they could visit the original blog, and read the information instead of being redirected to their country specific domain.


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