Are you using Email Marketing for your Business?

Although there have been lots of hype on social media advertising and networking, do not forget about using email to update your clients or readers on what you have been doing, your products updates, or investment news if you are a trader, or generally your company performance or directions for the year 2012. Email marketing should still be a core part of your sales cycle.

Social networks may be a big thing, but it’s usually the place for people to hang out, and sometimes for no reason, just because they are bored or need some attention, I know it sounds crazy, but figures and surveys have shown that many hours are lost in work time because employees just hang around on social sites and not doing there work. Ok, back to the email marketing topic. Bear in mind, that not all users or your customers are jumping into the Facebook or twitter wagon, some of them may never use it at all. If it’s business related, I will always stick to using email to correspond with my clients. But probably once in a while, I will connect with the readers or public with Facebook or Twitter about products and general information; just to know that I not just trying to sell them stuff with every email or Facebook message.

Also, there’s a thin line when you are using Facebook to do business with your customers. Sometimes it may get too personal, that problems caused by your company products may get related with you, and whenever they see you online, they will think of the spoilt washing machine, TV, or gadgets (even if they got it cheaper from you), and in the customer’s mind, he will be mentally drawing a line connecting you together with the damaged product. No very good and healthy isn’t it?

For business who takes their email campaigns seriously, they should look for good service providers like GetResponse and Aweber – the 2 giants within the industry providing good marketing services and provides. What the email marketing software does is that it provides a range of additional power and capability for your email campaigns. It can range from auto-responders, allowing you to follow-up automatically with the user once he opt-in to your list, and tracking the statistics on how your campaign have perform. It’s a one-stop-solution allowing you to manage your database of subscribers too. I have written a guide on the 14 pros and cons of email marketing, as well as a review of Aweber vs GetResponse, and check out the free trial that GetResponse is providing. For Aweber, just pay $1 for 1 month trial. You’ll be surprise what this 2 email marketing companies can do for your profits and business.


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